U-Haul Driver Packs Car Into Moving Van


A state trooper had to pull over a U-Haul truck during a traffic stop after discovering a car jammed inside.

Okanogan Trooper Cunningham pulled over the driver once he noticed he wasn’t hauling a standard load but a car inside of his U-Haul. The driver was pulled over on Highway 97 north of Okanogan.

Washington State Patrol Trooper John Bryant tweeted a photo taken by Cunningham of the car hanging out of the truck with the caption: “I suppose it’s moving season.”

The car was jammed inside the back of the truck using a single packing strap to hold it inside. The driver did not have a valid license, which is required when operating any moving vehicle. While some comments argued over whether the maneuver was legal, it’s safe to say driving without a license is not.

The rented U-Haul was overdue for return, leaving the officers no choice but to impound both vehicles. The driver was not identified but was cited for failing to secure a load. They were fined $139 for the incident.

A handful of people commented about the unusual scene on Bryant’s post. One person said: “Road pirates gonna road pirate.”

A second user wrote: “So what you’re saying is, shoulda gone for the 26 footer then?”


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