U.S. Tourist Causes $26,000 in Damage by Throwing a Scooter


Taking a vacation is already expensive enough but how about adding an additional fine to the total bill.

A pair of American tourists were each fined when one of them hurled an electric scooter down Rome’s prized Spanish Steps. The total cost of damage is estimated to be more than $26,000.

In a video captured by a bystander, an unnamed 29-year-old man is riding a rental scooter down the 18th century UNESCO World Heritage Site steps. Everything goes downhill when his partner, a 28-year-old woman throws her own scooter down the stairs.

As if chucking the e-scooter down once wasn’t enough, the woman hurled it twice more after that “for sheer amusement,” causing the 16th and 29th marble steps to crack. Other steps were also chipped.

Luckily, the pair didn’t have to foot the entire bill for the damage done to the world-famous site. Local police tracked down the couple and fined them the equivalent of $430 each. They were also banned from the monument. The pair were allowed to return to their hotel but without their scooters.

The Spanish Steps are one of the most protected tourist sites in Rome. In 2015, the staircase underwent a $1.5 million restoration project and in 2018, people were banned from sitting on the steps.


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