Ukrainian Man Casually Shaves With a Russian Missile in His Home


It can often be hard to find something funny to take your mind off of difficult situations. The ongoing war in Ukraine has been a challenging time for many.

A Ukrainian man is trying his best to live a normal life during the war but with an extra addition to his home. Footage was uploaded to Reddit of a man shaving his beard with a large missile sitting in his kitchen. As the video continues, he shows off the hole in his ceiling where the undetonated rocket came through.

Despite the man not seeming to be fussed about the situation, it’s still a scary one. At least the rocket is off to the side, still allowing the man to access his entire kitchen.

Reddit users had tons to say about this video, commenting on the man’s courage.

One user wrote: “Bruh, I won’t go into my room if there’s a spider this man is shaving with a rocket.”

A third said: “Who the f**k do you call about this?”

Others took to the post to ask why the man has what looks to be a bathroom sink and mirror in his kitchen.

One user said: “No one else is wondering why a bathroom sink and mirror is next to the kitchen stove?”

A second added: “I found this more confusing than the rocket.”

Thankfully, it does seem like officials stopped by the man’s home to ensure his safety and others living nearby.


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