Underwater ‘Mutant Shark’ Volcano Erupts


An underwater volcano of mutant sharks has erupted just south of Vangunu Island in the Solomon Sea. Learning that there are mutant sharks out there probably isn’t the news you wanted to heard today.

Nicknamed “Sharkcano”, NASA was able to capture data of the Kavachi Volcano erupting. Their satellite data shows a plume of discolored water erupting from the submarine volcano. The Kavachi Volcano is now home to mutant sharks that have adapted to living in its hot and very acidic environment.

The eruption lasted several days between April and May 2022. The first recorded eruption occurred in 1939, but other large eruptions have been observed in 2007 and 2014.

According to NASA’s website: “The volcano erupts nearly continuously, and residents of nearby inhabited islands often report visible steam and ash.

The island is named for a sea god of the Gatokae and Vangunu peoples, and it is sometimes also referred to as Rejo te Kvachi, or “Kavachi’s Oven”.

Although a funny nickname was taken from the comedy-horror film Sharknado, the Sharkcano is an intriguing insight into how marine animals can adapt to climate change as temperatures grow warmer.

Scientists from the Oceanography Society became familiar with the volcano in 2015 after they completed an oceanic study. Their findings revealed how sharks and other fish can survive in the depths of the sulphur-infused, acidic waters that surround the Kavachi Volcano.

Two shark species were discovered in the area, the silky shark and the scalloped hammerhead. Both were filmed swimming and carrying about their business in the submerged crater. The Oceanography Society also crafted a research paper about their findings.


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