United Airlines: Chill on the Runway for Six Hours


Flight travelers hope for a smooth journey without any hiccups in the itinerary. On a U.S. domestic flight from Newark to Denver, people were stuck for hours in an aircraft that never left the runway.

Due to poor weather conditions, the scheduled flight could not depart at the planned time. These passengers got a clear view of the land more than the clouds as they were trapped in the aircraft for six hours before returning to the terminal as it did not have enough fuel for the trip.

The flight attendants were reevaluating their career choices as they served a single cup of water and a small packet of Biscoff cookies. If passengers were still hungry after that generous serving, they could starve or steal from another person. It is survival of the fittest.

Hiroko Tabuchi, a New York Times reporter, was one of the passengers on the flight, and he shared his poor experience on social media. “You can’t make this up… my United flight out of Newark taxied on the tarmac for more than 6 hours, and now no longer has enough fuel to get to Denver — so we are taxiing back to the terminal,” Tabuchi said.

Passengers were going in a loop with endless alerts that took them nowhere. Once the passengers exited the aircraft, they received an update on the United app informing them that the flight had been canceled. Shortly after, the staff told them to board again as the flight might take off.

Irritated travelers faced another disappointment when further delays left the flight finally canceled.

This American Airlines flight may not have gotten the passengers to their destination but it made them practice the virtues of patience and physical activity.


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