Unnamed Goat Wrangled to Safety

A loose goat was captured by police after it escaped from its owner nearby. The “baaad” guy was rescued by the North Grenville Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada with the help of a few concerned neighbors in the area.

Officers noticed a group of people chasing after a loose goat on County Road 26 in Augusta Township. The group was able to corral the goat to prevent him from heading closer to the busy road.

OPP East Region Police shared pictures of the little guy on Twitter with a caption filled with several puns. Apparently, after the owner received their furry friend back, they informed the police that he hadn’t been named yet.

Several people shared their name suggestions for the goat in the comments of the original post, all hilariously goat-related.

A handful of users wrote: “Billy the Kid.”

A second person commented: “Tom Brady?” Referring to the seven-time Superbowl Champion as being the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) of American football.

A third user wrote: “Vinny – short for Vincent van Goat” suggesting the goat be named after the painter Vincent van Gogh.

Regardless of what the animal ends up being named, I’m sure the owner is grateful to have their furry friend safe and sound.