Users Looking for Sex Toy Come Across Rude Building


Some Google users were hoping for a little more than they bargained for after trying to search for a specific sex toy in the database. To their surprise and disappointment, when clicking through a certain website, a picture of an actual cock ring does not appear. Instead, a building in Huddersfield, England, will show up.

The heritage database Huddersfield Exposed reported they’d seen an increase in website visits from their page about Cock Ring, an 18th-century Grade II historic building. Clearly, people had their minds in the gutter hoping to see something else.

The property overlooks the Colne Valley and is made up of two former cottages and a barn. It was first listed in 1985. The property has since been modernized and landscaped.

Huddersfield Exposed posted on Twitter about the increase. The post read: “A big shout out to everyone who has searched for ‘cock ring’ on Google and clicked through to Huddersfield Exposed. Hope you found what you were looking for!”

It’s unclear to historians and others as to why or how the building was given the name but some things should just remain a mystery.


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