Using the Radio to Catch a Cheater


It’s heartbreaking finding out a partner had been cheating on you. One woman had a hunch her boyfriend of five years had been seeing someone else and discovered a creative way to catch him on live radio.

The anonymous girlfriend called Sharyn & Jayden on The Edge, a radio show in New Zealand, to ask for help in her mission to find the truth. Sharyn took the reins for the call, using a clever phone trick to expose the cheating partner on air.

After taking part in some “next level stalking,” Sharyn called the boyfriend with a fake name to ask if he was interested in helping arrange a surprise birthday party for her “colleague,” aka the other woman. “We’re organizing a surprise party and I just need a bit of help with some stuff like to invite some of her friends from work, because you guys work together right?” the host said.

The boyfriend seemed interested in helping plan the day, even saying he could invite a few people for her. Sharyn continued to explain the plan, saying that the boyfriend had to take the woman on a date first so they could set up the surprise.

“Cause you guys are official now, like boyfriend/girlfriend, right? So it wouldn’t be weird if you take her on a date,” Sharyn said. This pushed the man to admit his dirty secret, eventually confessing to being with the other woman.

That’s when Sharyn unleashed the final blow, saying: “When you ask her out on the date, will you put that in your calendar and will you also put it in you girlfriend’s calendar?” After confirming some more details, the man ended the call.

The devasted girlfriend was listening on the other line the entire time choked back tears. To make the woman feel better, Sharyn insisted that she hadn’t done anything wrong and that it wasn’t her fault her boyfriend had chosen to cheat. The host also told her that she would take her out on a girl’s night to forget about her now ex-boyfriend.

The entire incident was posted on Facebook, with several people sharing their shock in the comments. One user wrote: “Wow I felt so bad for her but you guys honestly did her a big favor [sic]. Nobody deserves to get messed around with. She deserves so much better and someone who treats her right.”

Another commented: “Super sad for her. Hopefully, she dropped him and is much happier now in an honest and loving relationship.


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