Venomous Bite Leads to Discovery of 110 Snakes


Usually, when people have snakes as pets, they have one that they can focus their attention on. Things get out of hand when there are multiple snakes to keep track of. Police were in for a fun surprise after they discovered more than 110 dangerous snakes on a farm in Germany.

The discovery came after a woman who lived on the farm sought medical treatment for a poisonous bite she got from one of the snakes. The 35-year-old drove to the hospital in Salzgitter, Germany, and told doctors that she was bit on the finger by one of her rattlesnakes.

Doctors quickly ordered an antidote from a specialist institute in Hamburg as they watched to ensure the woman’s condition didn’t worsen. While this was happening, police visited the farm and found a large number of snakes.

Specialists were called in to inspect the collection. They concluded that the group of constrictors and other poisonous varieties were not housed in the correct terrariums. The reptiles were impounded by the team because of this. Maybe next time, the woman will learn her lesson on how to properly house her large collection of snakes.


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