Vinyl Records Returned to Missouri Library 59 Years Late


A pair of vinyl records were returned to their home at the Kansas City Public Library after almost 60 years. Now that’s a tad bit overdue.

The naughty nuisance who had been holding on to the two records was David Izzard, who checked out the LPs from the library in 1963. He ran across the two overdue albums and mailed them back to the library, along with an apologetic note.

Izzard explained how he came across the albums: “Whilst organizing my vinyl record collection I came across the enclosed two vinyl records: The Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet and Meet the Composer, Béla Bartók.

“I found the checkout card left untouched in its proper pocket. As you can see, the card reveals that they were checked out on March 26, 1963. These records are, therefore, probably way overdue.”

Izzard also offered to pay any penalties for the late return and to replace the old records with something more modern. The library can find him at his current address where he “shall happily respond sooner than 59 years.”

Lucky for Izzard, late fees were abolished by the library in 2019 and capped at two dollars prior to that,

“You can do the math on how many years they were overdue, but we are not concerned about that at all. We were just excited to have them back,” said Joel Jones, Kansas City Public Library deputy director of Library Services.


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