Violinist Is an Actor Not a Musician


A gentleman moving his hands along the strings of a violin gives off the impression that he’s a trained musician with expertise in playing the instrument. Sometimes first impressions can be misleading as the person has no talent and they staged the musical experience to land a few coins in the case.

Why invest the time into learning a skill when you can fool a crowd into thinking you have already mastered the craft? A few cunning individuals use the gullibility of the public for personal gain. In West Michigan, several people have pretended to play the violin to trick people into petty donations.

The scammers position themselves on a busy street and appear to be playing violin melodies on their instrument while the music track plays in the background on a boom box. The hidden catch is that the person isn’t actually playing anything but rather faking it. The boom box blasts the violin music while the individual is ‘finger syncing’ in the performance.

A TikTok user exposed an individual faking the musical act on camera. He had a sign that read: “I have 2 kids. Please help me 4 rent and food.” This dad is setting a stellar example for the children. Don’t hit the books — just fool the teacher into thinking the readings are complete.

The person filming calls him out on the misleading stunt but he ignores her remarks while he continues faking it. She persists with her criticism but it falls on deaf ears.

A bold bystander should unplug the speakers and watch him fumble cluelessly with the useless violin.


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