Visit Kush Town To Get The Best High


Introducing the finest place to get stoned: Moffat. The town’s highlight turns out to be the marijuana industry and officials have proposed a name change from Moffat to Kush in honor of the growing industry.

Moffat is a small town with approximately 120 people in southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley. Moffat has a longstanding history with its rich grounds for agriculture and ranching.

Mike Biggio, the co-founder of Area 420, a business collection that gathers 70 cannabis operations and marijuana-based businesses, proposed that: “The Moffat Board of Trustees rename the town to a slang term for marijuana that is found in the names of several popular strains.”

Biggio added: “I’m looking to establish this as a world-renowned cannabis region.”

Moffat Mayor Cassandra Foxx expressed her support for this name change. “Change is always good. The most dangerous phrase is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ That’s the death of society,” Foxx said.

The initiatives from Area 420 did lead to the influx of tax revenue that was minimal before the business collaboration. The tax revenue grew from $80,000 to $400,000 in excise taxes, with most of this revenue being a direct result of the marijuana industry.

The revenue growth has been vital in funding research for new sewage systems, school development, and residential upgrades.

Innovation is always great, but is this too far? Some claim that the name change is a step in the wrong direction.

Town Trustee, Ken Skoglund, values the marijuana industry. However, he believes that the name change is not necessary. He said: “That’s overreach. It’s not about money. It’s about right and wrong and we represent the people.”

So does the town represent the Kush or people? The voting poll will reveal all answers. If the name change is successful, people can get stoned to celebrate.


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