Walk Out Into the Pouring Rain


Nannies are required to complete a number of different tasks besides simply taking care of children. They often have to go above and beyond to build relationships with both the children and parents to keep their job.

A nanny is now rethinking her career when her employer screamed at her for not bringing her baby home immediately after it started raining. The woman had taken the one-year-old child out to a shopping center when it began pouring.

She decided the best move was to wait the rainstorm out and the pair did so at a bubble tea shop, where she texted the baby’s mother to let her know what was happening. Instead of being accommodating, the mother demanded the child be brought home immediately.

Despite the stroller having a rain cover, the nanny herself didn’t have an umbrella coat and preferred not to finish her shift “soaking wet.” She explained to the mother that she wouldn’t be walking back in the rain. Her response? It was her “job to do what she says.”

Frustrated with the situation, the nanny posted about the exchange on Reddit. The nanny wrote that the husband ended up coming to get them after an hour had gone by, saying he’d been asleep. However, when they got back to the house, a storm had been brewing.

She wrote: “When we got back, mum screamed at me saying ‘how dare I not bring her baby home when she told me to’ and accused me of kidnapping. Dad said she was being dramatic but didn’t really do much, she threatened to fire me and told me not to come in today and that we will discuss everything Monday.”

The nanny asked users for advice and if she had made the right decision in not bringing the child back in the rain. One person commented: “I bet she’d have complained if you or the baby got sick from being out in the cold/rain, you made the smart decision.”


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