Walmart: Steal Money. Live Better.


Walmart’s salary is a modest income; we can only stretch the money to a certain limit with occasional promotions. Megan B. Tuttle, a 39-year-old Walmart employee from New Jersey, sought out unethical ways to increase her pay. Tuttle grabbed a larger share of the corporate pie when she stole approximately $200,000 from a Walmart in Mansfield Township.

She wasn’t a fool to steal the large sum with a single withdrawal. Tuttle spread out the money over 15 separate transactions of theft.

Unfortunately for her, cops caught on to her series of theft. According to Prosecutor Jim Pfeiffer, Walmart loss prevention contacted cops as “large sums of cash” could not be found. “Walmart reported the total loss was $198,899,” Pfeiffer said.

Tuttle was responsible for handling the cash and sealing bank deposits. She was the prime suspect for the money discrepancy and “admitted to taking the cash from the bank deposits on various occasions, and to taking several thousand dollars during those occasions.”

Tuttle was arrested by police officers on a second-degree charge of theft and later released on pretrial monitoring pending a future court appearance.

Walmart will not be taking this employee back. She will have to search for job postings from other department stores to work or rob.


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