Walt Disney Staff Member Steals For a Promotion


A job application was under review at Walt Disney World with one applicant going the extra mile to strengthen his chances of securing the promotion. His tactic was to steal an R2-D2 droid valued at $10,000 to expose the pitfalls in the security measures at the resort.

David Proudfoot, a 44-year-old employee at the Walt Disney Company, was accused of theft and obstruction of information. At the time, he worked in the receiving division of the yacht club resort.

Proudfoot admitted to transporting an R2-D2 droid and a game machine. When sheriff deputies investigated his case, he explained that he wanted to “show weaknesses in the security of the resorts.” An email explaining the poor security measures was insufficient and Proudfoot falsely assumed criminals have a better chance of being promoted.

His application got noticed but under the wrong lens. Disney security intervened when they saw Proudfoot pushing a car and looking suspicious. They offered to assist him but he looked puzzled regarding the loading docks and hotel procedures.

When the sheriff’s deputies took over the case, he explained that it is part of his job responsibility to shift items between different locations. He added that his supervisor’s name was James McDaniels but Disney staff confirmed that there is an employee under that name. However, he works in Burbank, California — not at the Orlando resort.

The sheriff’s deputies guided Proudfoot to collect his belongings from the employee lockers, which he couldn’t unlock. The officers felt skeptical, so they requested to see an I.D. That’s when they discover that Proudfoot’s driver’s license revealed his actual name and address: David E. Rodgers.

Although Rogers will most likely be denied the promotion, tighter security measures could be implemented as a result of an unconventional job application.


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