Wandering Moose Disrupts Massachusetts Neighborhood

While moose are regulars in certain parts of Massachusetts, one normally doesn’t expect to be woken up by the large animal. A Massachusetts family had an unusual awakening when loud noises outside of their home ended up being a moose wandering around the neighborhood.

Sherri LeDuc said that the motion camera situated outside of her Westford home alerted her to some movement at around 6:45 a.m. When she went to take a look at what was causing the ruckus, she discovered a large moose loitering in her yard.

“The sound of its hooves hitting the pavement was so surreal and loud,” LeDuc said. The moose left the area after about 10 minutes of strolling around.

According to Westford Animal Control officials, after that stop, the moose then made its way to the nearby St. Catherine’s of Alexandria Church. “She was definitely stressed and overheated,” Animal Control Officer Kirsten Hirschler said. The moose “attempted to jump a fence and was unsteady on her feet and collapsed.”

The moose was wrangled with help from Massachusetts Environmental Police, Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife, Westford Police Department and Westford Fire Department. “We hosed her down with the help of the fire department,” Hirschler said. “She was tranquilized and loaded into a truck.”

MassWildlife State Deer and Moose Biologist Martin Feehan said that the deer was approximately two-years-old moose. She is now recovering and is expected to be fine after the entire ordeal.

“She’s doing pretty well,” he said. “She did also have a pretty bad case of winter tick, which can be lethal. She’s pretty lethargic from it but will likely recover. We were able to administer medicine that will help with the tick issue as well.”