Wanted Man Willing to Turn Himself in for Kids to Have a Good Christmas

When a wanted man requests a trade for his capture, it might be worth listening to. A man wanted for multiple felony warrants tried to negotiate with police for his surrender over Facebook in return for a good Christmas for his kids.

The odd exchange took place on a post from the North Branch Police Department that has since been deleted. The post explained that an officer’s presence in the area was due to the search for a 38-year-old man named Jacob Tibbetts. Authorities said that there were “multiple felony warrants” out for Tibbetts’ arrest in Chisago County and also asked the public to call the police if they see him.

Credit: North Branch Police Department

The suspect posted a message in the comments section attempting to make a deal with the police department. He wrote: “North Branch Police Department I’ll make a deal with you. You make sure my kids have enough money for a good Christmas this year and I’ll turn myself in.

“I want to hand over money for her mom to give her presents from daddy and I want to give her two presents to open now. After I watch her open them I’ll go with you to the other side. I also need bail money but I’m not worried bout that. As long as I know that my daughter got presents from her daddy I’ll go today.”

The exchange led many to taking Tibbetts’ side, claiming the police had the wrong man. The police department did respond, stating: “Just for the record, Jake is the wanted party and is responsible for his warrants. It’s not his kids fault. If we can come to a reasonable agreement for a peaceful arrest with him turning himself in we would be willing.”

The North Branch Police Department also added that Tibbetts has turned himself in on his warrants instead of evading the police in the past. They did not disclose what the felony warrants were for but Tibbetts does have a criminal history, with past felony convictions for drug sales and burglary.

It’s unclear if Tibbetts’ children will have a happy Christmas after all.