Warning: Don’t Take Selfies With Sea Lions


Wild animals don’t like to be bothered so when a pair of sea lions were disturbed at a California beach, the chase was on.

A visitor was taking in the beautiful beach weather when she attempted to take a photo of a sleeping sea lion at La Jolla Cove in San Diego. After getting too close to the creatures, the animals woke up from their slumber and started chasing everyone around the beach.

The sea lions eventually returned to the water and swam off without causing any serious injuries to anyone.

Charlianne Yeyna captured the video and posted it to TikTok where it completely blew up. Over 10.9 million people have watched the entertaining chase so far.

Despite being woken up by a beachgoer, one expert claims that the animals may not have been concerned with humans at all.

A spokesperson for Sea World San Diego reviewed the video and said the animals may not have been intentionally chasing the humans. Instead, the first sea lion may have actually been fleeing from the second.

“You would really only notice if you watch a lot of sea lion behavior but the fact that one jumps in the water and the other does so quickly after shows they are following one another,” the spokesperson said.


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