Wasp Problem? Start A Forest Fire


Dish soap and white vinegar homemade sprays are too dull for one fire chief.

The chief, Akita Prefecture Kazuno, at the Wide-Area Administrative Union Fire Department was in his parents’ home, located in Kazuno, Japan, when, to his surprise, he found wasps in the land surrounding the residence.

His crippling fear must have been insects, as that encounter frightened him enough to pull out a road flare and light it to kill those bad boys. He did not want to end his life with the wasps, so he threw the flame at the bugs as a form of self-defense. Unfortunately, it fell into a pile of dry grass and burst into flames.

They needed more hands on the deck as the firefighter could not mitigate the situation alone. Fortunately, a senior firefighter was present at the location, and he came to the rescue.

Three fire engines and eleven other firefighters arrived. The situation got out of hand quickly as approximately 484 square feet of grass and trees were already immersed in flames.

After 30 minutes of the team effort, they extinguished the fire. No one was injured and the property remains intact with no reports of significant damage.

Later in a press conference, the chief apologized, saying: “I am very sorry that I started a fire, having just called on residents to be careful not to start wildfires.”

Errors can happen, and firefighters are no exception. Moving forward, the chief will take his own advice before he kills more insects at the expense of other people.


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