Watch Out for These Slippers


When certain arguments go viral, oftentimes, the parties involved are unfairly matched. Two men in India broke that cycle by squaring off against each other using the shoes on their feet as their weapons.

A video of the two men fighting was posted on Twitter with the caption: “Guns down, shoes up!” Despite one of the men being older than the other, using shoes gave the pair an even playing field when they decided to start slapping each other with the footwear.

To start the fight, the older man takes off his slipper while the middle-aged man chose the shoe from his foot. That’s when the battle really gets serious, as the fight intensified with the two men hurling abuses as well as shoe slaps.

Thankfully, a third man was there and had enough of both of the men’s games. He broke up the fight so the two gentlemen could catch their breath and call it a day. No need to fight over spilled milk.


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