Wear Beer in the Sole of Your Shoes


Collaborations between companies have become an increasing trend, especially so with clothing brands and food companies linking up to create a special product.

This time, Dutch beer company Heineken teamed up with sneaker designer and customizer Dominic Ciambone, otherwise known as The Shoe Surgeon, to make a special sneaker with beer-filled soles. The perfect accessory for the beer drinker in your life.

Heineken wanted to create a special release for their newest product, Heineken Silver. The brewer commissioned The Shoe Surgeon to create a sneaker that completely embodied their new beer.

“Heinekicks” feature the company’s memorable color scheme of green, white and red, as well as the company’s logo and handy bottle openers built into the tongues. Plus, actual Heinekin Silver beer floats in the shoe’s transparent soles.

Using a surgical injection method, Ciambone created the first-ever pair of sneakers that allows you to walk on beer. The soles also provide a smooth and comfortable walking experience inspired by Heineken’s new brew.

“Partnering with Heineken for their new beer was a fun challenge. We both share a passion for innovation and pushing boundaries and created a design to reflect that. The shoe not only embodies the energy of Heineken Silver, but literally carries it. I can’t say I’ve ever designed a sneaker that contains actual beer before,” Ciambone said.

Unfortunately, only a handful of people will be able to buy up the 32 pairs of Heinekicks. The shoes will only release in Singapore, with the first seven pairs expected to land in the fourth quarter of 2022. The price has not been announced as of yet.


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