Welcome to the Metaverse Horror Balloon Festival


Halloween is fast approaching, which is why you might see more and more horror-related festivals popping up everywhere. One fair, in particular, has caught the eye of many online because of its uniqueness.

Cabel Adams is the creator behind the horror balloon festival, which was actually made as a virtual art piece to entertain the locals in the area. “I live downtown Eugene and our town started throwing all these events for the athletes and guests from out of town. They were really fancy and made the locals feel left out in my opinion.

“I decided to do a prank and get photos during the festivals and to add these hot air balloons. I felt it needed some juxtaposition, so I added the insane clown posse and some well-known horror characters. I figured this would keep rent low and Californians from moving in,” he said.

The extremely realistic photos went viral online. Many horror fanatics were either fooled by the photos or wished they were real. Although there are some festivals that host arrays of artistic balloons, none give them a spooky twist for the Halloween season.

Despite only being available virtually, Adams has created the blueprint for the designs. Now all someone has to do is go one step further and create these actual balloons for a spooky festival to really be complete.


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