Welcome to the World, Baby Skeleton


Ultrasounds are an exciting reveal as soon-to-be parents eagerly wait to see an image of their baby on the machine. What happens when the excitement and anticipation turn into horror?

Tasmin Stenhouse, a 25-year-old mum-to-be from Dunfermline, Scotland, went in for her first ultrasound appointment only to have her jaw drop to the floor. She was taken back at the glimpse of her baby girl, who resembled a scary skull head with no facial features.

Tasmin shared the image with her partner at the appointment, and she said: “It was one of the first clear images that we’d had of her – I showed my partner, and his reaction was to burst out laughing.”

The emotional mom-to-be did utter the words: “I can’t believe I’m making a human being.”

Men sometimes struggle to find the right words, and this scenario is no exception. Her partner shared his experience in a Reddit post: “I kept comforting her, but I waited a few minutes and, once the tech was gone, gently reminded her that we are both the parents, not just her.”

It spiraled into a string of insensitive comments as he added: “I also told her that saying she’s ‘making’ the baby on her own is not accurate since I provided half the genetic material.”

Although his response may be valid, women do not always want to hear those words during an emotional time.

Luckily, this image is not an accurate representation of the baby. The couple later had their daughter, named Jura, who is beautiful with no skull-like features.


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