Welcome to the World’s Largest Pizza-Related Collection


Pizza is a universally loved food but some people take that love to the extreme. A New Jersey woman was recently awarded a Guinness World Records title for her collection of nearly 700 pizza-related items.

Telina Cuppari now holds the record for the world’s largest collection of pizza-related items, with a total of 669 items. That number was enough to beat the previous record that was held by Brian Dwyer, whose collection included 561 items back in 2011.

In December 2021, Cuppari posted a video on YouTube showing off her collection at her Kenilworth, New Jersey, home. Pizza boxes, stickers, books, towels, kitchen utensils, toys and clothing items make up her record-setting collection, which she was finally awarded just last week when Guinness World Records officially verified her record.

Known as “Pizza Girl” by friends, Cuppari’s first item in her collection was a red pizza dress and her favorite item is a ‘date night’ pizza-themed box.

Despite already beating the record, Cuppari continues to acquire new pizza-related items. She’s hoping to build an even bigger collection and eventually open a pizza museum in her home with all of the items on display for everybody to see.


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