‘Well-Fired’ Rolls Spark Heated Debate


When searching for the perfect dinner roll, most people won’t be looking for a charred bun. Burnt rolls are the specialty of a market in Manchester, England, with some calling them the best thing since sliced bread.

The heavy-fired buns are a staple of Scottish bakeries for decades. The bread is meant to have an overcooked, dark crust but still be airy and chewy inside. There are two sides to the story as the buns can be described as addictive and tasty to some while others haven’t been too kind to the “well-fired” rolls, billing them as inedible.

The heated debate between both parties went viral when some well-fired rolls sold from a market in Manchester started blowing up online. One user posted: “These are beautiful, Jesus. I always grab a dozen when in Hyde and the oven bottoms for my son and husband but they tried one and now are addicted.”

Another person wrote: “I’m Scottish and these are well-fired rolls and they sell out by 8 a.m. back home. My favorite with square slice and brown sauce.”

Despite being tasty treats to many, few can’t imagine putting burnt bread anywhere near them. Fans of the buns claim that the taste more than makes up for that. Next time you burn your toast, just tell your family it’s a Scottish delicacy.


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