Who Gave This Senior a License?


If you hide in fear of ridicule over your driving capabilities, this story has to lift your confidence behind the wheel. A mall surveillance video revealed an incident where a car was driving on the second floor of Braintree’s South Shore Plaza.

The shopper brought a whole new meaning to window shopping. According to the Braintree Police statement, the Lincoln MKX entered the mall from the parking lot but didn’t stop there. The old lady drove through the mall at approximately 11:45 a.m. and sped 60 yards down the pedestrian path.

“I heard the security lady start screaming, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ and by the time I got up to the window, I realized there was a Lincoln SUV,” said Squishables Store Manager Stacy Bartko.

The store manager was in disbelief about the bizarre driving situation. Bartko added: “No, it can’t be real. If I didn’t have video, you know, and pictures, nobody would believe me.”

The vehicle faced minor damage after running over various objects.

“It makes a sharp turn and just kind of coasts down that way for a little while, people jumping into stores,” said witness Erik Skilton.

The car did come to an abrupt stop in front of Torrid. The elderly driver managed to find the brakes before more lives fled in terror. Police officers and a mental health clinician evaluated the driver. They took her to the nearest hospital for further examination.

How did the car manage to dart into the mall? There was a safety post missing from a prior accident. The mall sensor doors opened, enabling the vehicle to travel inside.

In the end, police removed the car from the mall and determined the driver to be an immediate threat revoking her license.

Fortunately, the mall visitors lived to see the next day.


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