Who Let the Dogs Out?


The age-old question of “who let the dogs out?” was finally answered. Turns out, a Texas man was the one to set a group of dogs free from an animal shelter after breaking in.

Abilene Police Department posted about the incident in a lengthy Facebook post. Authorities were called to the building shortly after 7 a.m. for the report of a break-in.

The suspect, George Paul Jones, reportedly hopped a fence, went into the Abilene/Taylor County Animal Services building via its roof and let upward of 150 dogs free. The 38-year-old then stole a shelter van and drove away from the scene of the crime. The van was later recovered.

Several of the canines were injured due to what is believed to be fighting amongst the animals. Shelter officials have launched a search effort for the dogs. The All KINS Animal Initiative nonprofit has since raised $1,765 for funding that will go to the care and assistance of the dogs impacted, as well as clean-up repairs to the shelter.

Despite potentially seeing himself as a hero for setting these dogs free, Jones was charged with animal cruelty, break-in and theft of a motor vehicle. He is currently being held at the Taylor County Jail


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