Why Drive-Thru When You Can Cook-Thru?


McDonald’s slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” rings true for millions of people. How far would your effort extend to get your hands on the burgers and fries?

A woman featured in a viral TikTok video jumped through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to enter the kitchen to flip the burgers herself after hearing that the employees were short on gloves. Sanitary measures do not stop her from getting her late-night craving met.

The manager was puzzled when she sought their permission to begin the first day of training to fulfill her own order. Her pink party dress served as her uniform and she strutted along in her heels to learn the skill of flipping burgers.

The video was released with the caption “Lady climbs thru McDonald’s window because we’re not taking any more orders CAUSE we have no gloves.” It went viral with approximately 682,000 views and over 120,000 likes as of this posting.

The staff laughed at the unexpected guest who turned into an employee in a few minutes. One commentator wrote: “The clap when she made it in. 😂” She will have supportive team members if she chooses to extend her employment.

Another person wrote: “Why is absolutely no one in a uniform though? Is this the pregame or the after-party?”

A third user commented: “What is even the protocol for a situation like this?” Do you call the cops or enjoy the party atmosphere while indulging in the burgers?

The video did not disclose any footage of the final product but fingers crossed it was worth leaping in.


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