Wi-Fi Threat to Silence a Loud Dog


Sometimes a gentle nudge or polite request is insufficient. Inconsiderate neighbors need a demanding threat to stop their dogs from barking at the top of their lungs.

One irritated neighbor felt pushed to the edge when he could no longer drown the disruptive noise. His way of handling the situation was to rename his Wi-Fi connection to a more startling threat. He updated his Wi-Fi network name to “Shut your f***ing dog up” along with an additional connection called “Or I will call the cops”.

This gentleman believed that a simple text message would not correct their behavior. The threatening names must drive the point home hard.

This experience was shared on Reddit where it attracted a range of positive and negative comments. Some praised the creative idea, while others found it abusive and rude.

One user wrote: “Seriously. Just knock on the door and let him know nicely or even leave a note with your name and unit number. Have you ever spoken to him in any way about it before?”

A different user supported the name modification: “This is hilarious and even better that he says it actually worked. Sometimes you have to send a petty message to get your thoughts across.”

A commentator doubted the effectiveness of the plan: “I hate to be the buzzkill but if they have it set so they automatically connect to their network, they’ll never see this.”

Even if the neighbors never spot the message, the people online got a good chuckle.


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