Wife Sends Husband’s Savings to Recycling


It’s good to do some decluttering every once in a while. Most of the time, it clears up an untidy area of the home but in this case, a whole bunch of money went missing.

Apparently, it pays to tell your wife everything, as one Chinese man found out. His wife began collecting recyclables in the home so she could exchange them for a nominal fee. Along with the paper and cardboard, she collected a secret money box her husband never told her about.

Assuming it was an empty box, she chucked it without looking inside. Mr. Xu, as he’s been identified as in Chinese media, had a lofty sum of around 10,000 yuan or $2,100 in savings kept inside. Ensuring he got his money back, Mr. Xu contacted local police in Taizhou, Zhejiang, to help him locate the goods.

Officers arrived at the recycling facility where the couple’s waste had been sent and began searching through mounds of recyclable paper and cardboard. On top of the near impossible job, the search party had to endure 104-degree Fahrenheit heat.

Thankfully, after some time, police were able to locate Mr. Xu’s money. Will the wife now want a slice of the pie? As for how this story ends, that will remain a mystery.


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