Wife Throws Boiling Water on Sleeping Husband’s Genitals


There’s overreacting and then there’s throwing boiling water on someone while they’re asleep. A Bolivian woman was arrested for throwing hot water on her sleeping husband’s genitals because he was apparently dreaming of another woman.

The situation began when the woman’s 45-year-old husband declared his love for another woman in his sleep. Enraged at the thought, the woman went to the kitchen, boiled a pot of water and threw it on his privates for his “transgression.” According to police, the man was taken to hospital with second-degree burns on his privates, arm and back.

It’s unclear as to how police were notified. Local authorities are investigating the case and whether it was the victim that notified the police or if his painful cries alerted the neighbors who then called the police.

According to Juan José Donaire, deputy director of the Special Crime Fighting Force in La Paz, this wasn’t even the first time this couple have gotten into heated arguments before. In a past incident, the woman doused her husband in alcohol and tried to set him on fire. It’s also unknown what caused this previous row between the two.


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