Woke ‘Hotel’ Won’t Let Its Patrons Rest


A ‘zero star hotel’ is attempting a new approach when it comes to creating a unique place to stay. The Riklin brothers created a hotel room made up of only a double bed on a platform, two bedside tables and lamps.

Although that doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary when it comes to hotel rooms, the duo made sure to include no walls, ceiling, or doors and without any type of privacy or shelter from the elements. The reason? For guests to think about the problems in the world and to have patrons walk away inspired to act differently.

“Sleep is not the point. What’s important is reflecting about the current world situation. Staying here is a statement about the need for urgent changes in society,” Frank Riklin said.

The null starn suite, German for zero star, sits on a roadside next to a gas station in the village of Saillon, in southern Switzerland where guests are invited in their ‘half sleep’ to think about topics like climate change, war, and humanity’s neverending damage.

“In a nutshell, now is not the time to sleep, we have to react. If we continue in the same direction we are today, there might be more anti-idyllic places than idyllic,” said Patrik.

The brothers couldn’t create this hotel-exhibit without the assistance of hotelier Daniel Charbonnier, which also features three other null stern suites in a more idyllic vineyard and on a picturesque hillside.

Despite not including walls and doors, the suites do come with their own butler service that offers drinks and breakfast. To stay at this lovely abode isn’t cheap. It will cost you around $437 a night for the world’s most imperfect night’s sleep.


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