Wolf Sighting Turns Out to Be Group of St. Bernard Dogs


Wolves often get compared to Huskies or Malamutes because of their looks, but it’s not often they’re mistaken for St. Bernards.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) received a report and accompanying video of a potential wolf sighting near Highway 285 and County Road 5. The Park County Sheriff was called in to assist with the relocation of the animals.

According to a post made by the Park County Sheriff’s Office, the pack of running animals wasn’t actually wolves, but a group of St. Bernard dogs that live in the area. The group have a long history of escaping their enclosure in the same area the wolf sighting was reported.

“The dogs’ owner has confirmed the five dogs were running loose… when the alleged wolf sighting occurred. The video was shot from a very long distance away and the lighting and shadows made it difficult to determine what type of large, four-legged animals were running near an elk herd.

“In addition, CPW flew an airplane over the area this morning, and did not find any evidence of wolves or injured or deceased elk,” authorities said in a Facebook post.

The dog’s owner was cited by Park County Animal Control for permitting a dog to run at large, in violation of Park County Resolution 95-11-8(a) for a similar incident that took place a few days before this occurrence.


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