Woman Announces She’s Sexually Attracted to a Plane

You’ve probably heard of people falling in love with their cars or boats before but one woman took that love to another level. Sarah Rodo is sexually attracted to objects and announced that she’s currently in a relationship with a plane.

The 23-year-old identifies as an ‘Objectum Sexual,’ which means that she is attracted to inanimate objects. The overwhelming feeling of love towards a model passenger plane was too strong. Rodo now refers to the Boeing 737 named ‘Dicki’ as her boyfriend.

“When I’m with my 737, I’m over the moon I love him so incredibly much – I just feel safe with him and want to spend all my time with him.

“I try to fly as often as possible and go plane spotting at the airport. – I take a small model with me when I leave the house so I feel like I’m always with him,” she said.

To remain close to her beau, she spends her free time plane spotting and regularly travels by plane. Rodo even has not one but two tattoos on her arm of the jet. She also owns over 50 replica models that she sleeps and gets physical with.

Although she wishes to marry the plane, it’s deemed illegal in her native country of Germany.