Woman Attempts OnlyFans Blackmail Over $45


Asking for money owed to you by anyone can be an uncomfortable conversation. It makes it much worse when you’re owed money from an ex. A Florida woman had to get creative to try to recoup $45 from a former partner.

To get back at her ex, Eliza Jean Limite copied images from her ex’s OnlyFans page and threatened to send the nude photos to the victim’s mother and grandmother. The 24-year-old “was in a romantic relationship” with the victim and “in the early stages of dating” when she hatched her plan if she wasn’t paid the $45 she was owed.

According to police, Limite went to the victim’s OnlyFans page and “screenshotted the nude images and saved them to her camera roll, without authorization.” She then texted one of the nude photos to the third party involved as “proof of dissemination to the victim.”

In a text to the victim, Limite demanded the money she was owed or else she would “send your nudes everywhere… and yes I have them all… maybe mom would wann see them or grandma.”

As expected, Limite was arrested on a felony extortion charge but was released from the county jail after posting the $10,000 bond on the felony count.

According to her online profiles, Limite graduated from the University of Tampa with a criminology degree and works as a legal assistant. She also operates an online business selling “zen candles,” crystals, and art. Her aura definitely doesn’t very zen and you’d figure she wouldn’t break the law if she actually knew it.


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