Woman Befriends Scammer After Weeks of Texting

Trust isn’t an essential component of a friendship. Sometimes the bar for a friend is so low that scammers make the cut for good buddies. Online scammers can turn over a new leaf and while they may be initially trying to profit from the victim’s loss, they might surprise you with some good company.

Yasmine Hill kept the conversation going with a scammer and the bitterness quickly transitioned into a blossoming friendship. Her conversation was intriguing for over two million people who were laughing along as the thread went viral.

The 26-year-old believed her scammer’s name was Francis but it could be a fake persona: “Obviously I don’t know for real but that’s what he said to me. He could have given me a fake name.” He was spamming her with four different text messages via WhatsApp and it was getting bothersome so she confronted the man to put a stop to his messaging. She sent a message to ‘Francis’ that read: “You better f*** off and delete my number you piece of s***.”

She said that he’d been pretending to be a bank employee and had claimed that $1.8 million had been left to her in a will. She wasn’t willing to fall for this game.

Profanity morphed into sympathy and compassion. When Francis replied confessing he was a scammer, Hill had a change of heart when she learned that he was scamming to fund money to treat his sick child in the hospital. The credibility of his story is up for debate since his scamming track record doesn’t build him up in any positive light.

Credit: Supplied

The friendship kicked off with discussions about political challenges with limited government financial assistance. Francis told Hill that he was from Nigeria, where their government wasn’t very helpful.

Hill hopes Francis finds other victims with a sufficient bank balance to handle the loss: “I do hope you scam some rich people though. But sadly I am not one of them.”

The thought of encouraging scams doesn’t sit well with many people. Hill received backlash for the ill advice and she had to clarify her words: “As if I would ever encourage somebody to scam. Most people that do get scammed are the elderly, which is shameful — you shouldn’t be doing that at all.”

“That’s why I was like ‘get lost’ to him, but, I was trying to just make a joke about it because he broke his character and I found that funny so I just wanted to carry on texting him to see how it’d go. It was just for a laugh at the end of the day.”

Yasmine said: “He could have an ulterior motive in the long run and if something slips up, security question stuff, I’d regret it. It was funny and was a good laugh whilst it lasted. 

This friendship comes with a clear expiration date. Two million people enjoyed the company while it lasted.