Woman Calls Police Over 11,000 Times


Calling the police is usually left for emergencies only, not to go off on police officers. You’d think dialing the same number over 11,000 times would get exhausting but this Florida woman “loves playing this game.”

Carla Jefferson’s game was put to bed after she was given a misdemeanor charge of placing a torrent of phone calls to the St. Petersburg Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. A criminal complaint filed alleges the 50-year-old called the police department’s emergency communications center 512 times. And that was during a single 24-hour period in July 2022.

Investigators say that Jefferson “harasses, belittles, swears at, argues with” police employees are lucky enough to answer her calls. “The content of these phone calls are vulgar, threatening, or obscene” and “contain extreme expletives, sexual innuendo, and belittling remarks to the communications staff.”

Officer Christopher Bishop stated that Jefferson has told officers to come to her residence and arrest her, only to for her to retreat “inside, refuses to answer the door, and has in the past given officers the middle finger and screams at them through the windows.”

Authorities warned her in early 2022 that if she continued to call the number, criminal charges would be filed against her. After continually ignoring the warning, she was arrested for continuing her phone harassment after she was arrested in June 2022 on a pair of misdemeanor counts.

Investigators on the case estimate that Jefferson’s 11,000-plus phone calls account for “approximately ten percent of the total call volume to the St. Petersburg Police Department non-emergency number.”


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