Woman Charged for Slapping Teen Over Garlic Bread


A 71-year-old Oklahoma woman was arrested after an incident with an employee at a Little Caesars.

Rachel Scheuerman was at a drive-thru window of the restaurant when she was told by the employee that they were out of Crazy Bread, Little Caesars’ take on garlic bread. Eager to purchase the garlic bread, Scheuerman did not take the news well when she was told that the store had none available.

According to the affidavit, after being told to pull around to the window for the two pizzas, Scheuerman allegedly used a racial slur two times. She then proceeded to ask the employee: “Did that hurt you?” to which the employee responded: “No.”

After hearing his response, the woman got out of her vehicle and reached through the drive-thru window to slap 17-year-old Chris Beard twice across the face. Beard closed the window to ask his manager for assistance.

The manager on duty asked Scheuerman what she was doing with the alleged response that she “harassed him like [she] always [does]” before laughing and driving away.

After going home, Beard spoke to the police about the incident. An officer interviewed Scheuerman the next day, where she admitted to using the N-word. She was later charged with one count of malicious harassment based upon race.

Sounds like Scheuerman’s craving for Crazy Bread may land her in prison.


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