Woman Comes Up With New Way to Get Finger Tattoo Removed

Looking to get a pesky finger tattoo removed but you don’t want to spend the time or money on laser treatments? No problem. According to one woman, “tattoo excision” might be right for you.

A woman wanted to remove a finger tattoo that she later regretted. When she didn’t want it to be lasered off, she decided to have it cut out in a process called “tattoo excision.”

A United Kingdom plastic surgery group called UK Skin posted a video on TikTok of the procedure. The caption for the video, which has received over a million views, read: “A faster way to remove your tattoos.”

In the video, a surgeon injects anesthesia into the unidentified woman’s finger before cleaning and prepping the area for surgery. They then put a green sheet with a hole on top of her hand before literally cutting off the tattoo. The clip ends with the surgeon stitching up the finger and placing a bandage over it.

People were shocked and confused about the entire procedure, taking to the comments to vent. One person wrote: “What like you prefer to cut your skin rather than do two sessions of laser? Hell no and it was so tiny.”

Another questioned: “Now, what on earth would you do with a full Arm Sleeve?” to which UK Skin jokingly replied: “I’d purchase a new arm.”

In the future, instead of having to cut your skin, it’s best to spend more time thinking about the decision to get a certain tattoo is the right one.