Woman Creates Gift List for Dog’s Birthday


It’s one thing to create a list of gifts for birthdays or Christmas as a human. It’s another when you’re requesting presents for a furry friend. A dedicated dog owner attempted to go the extra mile for some cold hard cash, using her pup’s birthday for her own benefit.

The woman was slammed for sending her friends and family a lengthy birthday list with acceptable and unacceptable gifts included for her dog Leaf’s special day.

“Just so everyone knows, Leaf’s birthday is on Saturday and he is accepting gifts. No treats, no rope toys, no plastic toys. You can buy him stuffed animals though, preferably not the ones with plastic eyes or just send him money and I’ll buy toys for him.”

Treats and toys seem like exactly the items a pooch would want on its birthday so the list came off as a bit suspicious since the woman mostly just wanted cash that she would buy toys with. Many people also agreed, claiming that the woman would probably end up spending the cash on herself.

One person wrote: “Damn, I have two dogs. I have never thought of doing this. I have really let some potential cash slip through the cracks over the years!”

Another wrote: “She made such an extreme list so people will give her cash to make it easy which she will then spend on herself.”

Next time your dog’s birthday rolls around, it might be worth trying to create a similar list to see who falls for it.


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