Woman Demands Refund for Pie


Most times customers ask for a refund, it’s for clothing or home items, not something that can be digested. A woman from the United Kingdom made a fool of herself by demanding a refund on her steak pie because it was “too large.”

Another patron in the restaurant overheard the woman’s extremely odd request and shared it on Reddit. The Reddit user shared: “Right now I am in a nice restaurant, listening to a woman complaining to the manager that her steak pie is too large, and she wants a refund. She wasn’t warned the pie came with so much mash and veg. She will just share her husband’s pie, Remove This Pie!”

Most people will request a box for their leftovers, not demand their money back for a meal already sitting in front of them. Trust me, it would have just been easier to just take the pie home. Making a ridiculous request isn’t worth the stress and embarrassment.

In follow-up comments below the original post, the woman was “very clear” that she wouldn’t be paying for the pie, and therefore refused to take any of her meal home in a “doggie bag.”

Many were baffled by the idea of the woman doing everything in her power to get a refund and continuously refusing a to-go container for the meal. One person wrote: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand this concept of any pie being ‘too large.'”

Another added: “Chuck her a few quid and take the pie off her hands.”


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