Woman Embarrassed After Learning Sister’s Baby Name


Trying to figure out a baby name can be incredibly hard to decide with everyone in the family trying to pitch in ideas. Most of the time, it’s good to ignore the noise, but in this case, one woman is embarrassed after what her sister named her child.

A woman took to Reddit to air out her grievances towards her sister over the baby name. She explained that her sister is quite older than her and moved to Los Angeles to try to live the life of an influencer. They don’t speak as often because of the distance between them.

At first, the woman and her family were told by the sister that she was thinking of classic baby names like Elizabeth, Ashley, Ella and Anna. What was a complete surprise was what she actually decided to name her child.

As any influencer does, the sister took to Instagram to make the baby name announcement. You can imagine what everyone was thinking when they read the baby’s name would be Kynzlynleigha Everella. That’s pronounced Kin-zlin-lee-uh, Ever-ella for anyone that needs it.

“I nearly stopped breathing it was the biggest mouthful of a name I have ever seen. My parents were astonished, and disappointed. We called her and told her how the baby will always get picked on, and she just hung up,” the woman wrote in her Reddit post.

Plenty of people had things to say about the situation. One user said: “I’ve worked in enough kindergarten classrooms to know that poor little kynzlywhatcha is going to spend a lot of tears learning to spell her name and will probably pick a nickname pretty fast.”

Another replied: “It’s going to take that kid until she’s in 4th grade to learn how to write her own name.”


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