Woman Fakes Kidnapping to Secure the Bag


If one thing is for certain, for the most part, elaborate schemes don’t usually end up working. This was definitely the case for one woman when she attempted to trick her mother into paying a sizable ransom for a fake kidnapping.

A disturbing video was released by Guardia Civil, one of Spain’s national law enforcement agencies, where a blindfolded woman was being held captive, strapped to a chair and with a large knife to her throat. In the video, the woman tells her mother that she needs to pay a $50,000 ransom to the kidnappers if she ever wants to see her alive again.

This wasn’t actually the case. According to Spanish police, the woman in the video faked her own kidnapping with the help of her boyfriend’s family in order to trick her own mother into paying a $50,000 ransom.

In the clip, the “victim” also claims that she doesn’t know who her assailants are or why she was put into this situation. She instructed her mother to pay the ransom in cash and drop it at a specific location. The victim also warned her mother that contacting the police would be out of the question.

The victim’s mother did take out the money needed but she also secretly alerted the police about what happened to her daughter. When authorities started their investigation, the mother admitted to paying a total of $45,000 on multiple other occasions after she had received written threats about her daughter in the mail.

Police turned towards investigating the victim herself and her entourage, where they were quickly able to figure out that her boyfriend’s family was in on the whole thing.

The alleged kidnapped woman and her crew were located and taken into custody where they eventually confessed to faking the kidnapping. After searching through the suspects’ home, the Guardia Civil also found tools used for the fake kidnapping, including a large knife, a bottle of artificial blood and the handkerchief used to bind the victim.


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