Woman Finds Family’s Missing Luggage 1,300 Miles Away


Having your luggage go missing during a vacation has to be everyone’s worst nightmare. For one family on holiday, this actually happened when they spotted their own luggage 1,300 miles away.

Laura Simpson and her family were left six days without any clothes, toiletries and other important medications after all seven of the group’s suitcases were lost. The family traveled from Manchester to Menorca for a week-long trip.

The 35-year-old spent hours on the phone with TUI, the tourism group that the family booked their vacation with. They were unable to tell her where their luggage was and that they had no idea as to when they might see it again.

That’s when the impossible happened. When reading an article online, Simpson discovered her own luggage in a video that showed dozens of abandoned suitcases lined up at Manchester Airport’s baggage claim. She was able to spot all seven of the group’s missing suitcases.

They also had difficulty with their flights. They were meant to fly direct from Manchester Airport to Menorca but the night before, they claim they were told they’d have to go via Ibiza due to ongoing ‘technical issues’.

Despite trying to reach out to TUI multiple times, Simpson was only provided with €25 a day to buy essential items, which is hardly enough to cover underwear for the group.

She added: “We told TUI this and we’ve still had nothing from them. We are only here for a week and we are already on day six so if anything I want to make sure they stay in Manchester now for when we return.

“This holiday has been rearranged for the past three years because of the pandemic. There are bigger things happening in the world but you still don’t expect this to happen to you when you go on holiday.”

A spokesperson for TUI said: “We’re aware that some customers have been impacted by baggage delays at Manchester Airport and we’d like to thank customers for their patience and understanding at this exceptionally busy time.

“We’re working closely with airport staff, baggage handlers and our teams in resort to ensure customers receive their luggage as soon as possible. We’ll be in direct contact with customers once we have more information to share.”


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