Woman Finds Venomous Snake Lounging in Her Bed

On the list of things you don’t want to find in your bed, a venomous snake probably comes out on top. An Australian woman recently found one of the world’s most venomous snakes in her bed.

Zachery Richards of Zachery’s Snake and Reptile Relocation posted photos on Facebook showing the venomous creature. It turns out that the reptile was a six-foot-long eastern brown snake that somehow found its way onto the Queensland woman’s bed.

“When I arrived, she [the resident] was waiting outside for me and I went inside to the bedroom that the snake was in and she had the door shut with a towel underneath so it couldn’t get out,” Richards said. “I pushed the door open and it was lying in bed looking at me.”

Richards confirmed that the snake was likely able to get in through an open door in order to escape the outdoor heat. “Or it just wanted a nice comfortable bed to sleep in,” Richards said.

The snake was safely removed and relocated to an area far away from any humans.