Woman Finds Whole Potato in Bag of Chips


A bag of chips is the perfect snack for munching on until an unexpected surprise is discovered. A woman was about to work her way through a bag of her favorite cheese and onion chips when the first piece she pulled out was soggy.

Helen Reed discovered that the reason for the wet package was a soggy potato the size of a golf ball sitting in her bag of chips. The 33-year-old originally thought that the package had somehow opened but the entire potato pulled out gave her a different idea.

Reed bought the chips for a snack at work and the bag didn’t feel any lighter or heavier than normal. After tipping the contents out, Reed wrapped up the rogue spud to take home to show her husband and children.

“It’s quite funny the brand’s called REAL as well. You can’t get realer than a potato in a bag of crisps,” Reed said.

She added: “I just found it quite funny, I remember thinking how on earth has that got through? It’s not put me off, I just found it funny – things happen. It could have been a lot worse, at least it was a potato.

Reed contacted the company about the situation. To make up for their mistake, REAL Crisps sent Reed a box of chips with different flavors. Of course, her favorite cheese and onion chips were there, full potatoes not included.


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