Woman Finishes Shopping Trip After Failed Robbery Attempt

A failed robbery attempt didn’t stop the shopping plans for a woman in Edgewood. Brandy Ackerman tried to threaten a grocery store clerk with a knife. When she wasn’t able to rob the worker, she decided to continue shopping with her boyfriend.

The attempted robbery took place at Brookshire Brothers grocery store. Ackerman demanded cash from the worker but the worker had difficulties with getting the register to open to give her the money.

Fear might cause anyone to flee the situation but Ackerman went with a back-up option where she decided to stroll the aisles with her boyfriend, who later paid for items at the store.

The couple left the store with their items and a warrant was issued for Ackerman’s arrest. According to police documents, “she was then charged with aggravated robbery and booked into the Van Zandt County Jail on a $150,000 bond.” Better luck next time.