Woman Fired After Trying to Stop Thieves From Robbing Lululemon Store

If you’re planning on trying to help the store you work for, you might want to think again. A Georgia woman was fired for calling the police on three robbers who stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Lululemon store she worked at.

Rachel Rogers made sure to capture the robbery on video as three thieves walked into the Lululemon store at the Forum Shops in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, and started grabbing thousands of dollars worth of clothing.

The 23-year-old said that the three men grabbed as much as they could carry in their arms before hightailing it from the store to where their getaway car was waiting.

“They’re just full-blown, like, running circles around you grabbing as much as they can,” Rogers said. “And it’s a scary feeling, and you don’t know how to react. So, our reaction is to scream, ‘No! Get out! Leave!'”

Credit: Rachel Rogers

Rogers said she and her former coworker Jennifer Ferguson were both shaken by the incident but uninjured. They immediately reported the robbery to the police, which ended up being their biggest mistake.

Two weeks later, both of the women were fired after they learned that they had both violated company policy by calling 911.

“Clear a pathway. At least this is what is posted, is a clear pathway, and don’t interact, let them take what they want. Let them take what they have and do not make contact with them at all,” is what Rogers said she was supposed to do.

Apparently, this has been going on for the last eight months, leaving Rogers frustrated by the situation. “I’ve experienced it probably five or six times, and I know it’s happened on other occasions when other people are working,” Rogers said.

Investigators say the same group of robbers struck again the following day in Peachtree City where police arrested and charged them with multiple felonies. “I think it is a lot bigger scheme because the product that is stolen is brought back in by other people to try to return and get money back,” Rogers said.