Woman Gets Creative to Steal Her Own Car


Taking your car to the repair shop can be a pricey trip. A woman tried to avoid forking over thousands of dollars she owed for repairs by hiring a thief.

Terrella Lewis brought her car in for repairs but when it came time to pay the $3,500 she owed for the repairs, she had to get creative. Police claimed in an affidavit that Lewis gave someone a key to her car and paid them $30 to steal it in order to avoid paying the costs.

Kitu Veal, the owner of Kitu’s Auto Group, said the 28-year-old brought her car in for repairs but didn’t have the money to pay them right away. To avoid accumulating additional storage fees, Veal offered to move her car to his secondary location, where it could stay while she figured out payment.

“I put it on the street right here for maybe ten minutes. Then I went into the side of my building. I’m walking into the building, I hear the alarm go off, like the chirp of the alarm. So I turn around and saw a guy running to get into her front seat,” Veal said.

Surveillance video shows the hired driver hit Veal with the car on their getaway. The person in the vehicle has yet to be identified.

Lewis is currently being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center on $10,000 bail for a charge of complicity. She will appear before a grand jury to determine her verdict.


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