Woman Gets Revenge on Nosy Neighbor


Having a nosy neighbor can be the absolute worst. A woman got revenge on the prying eyes in her area by adding mannequins dressed as “drug-addled whores, drunks and accident victims” to her garden. That’ll give them something to look at.

Tammy Zuniga’s lawn is littered with passed-out models that feature empty beer bottles and posing next to signs warning people to not feed them drugs. She started this bizarre hobby as a “diversion” back in 2020. She wanted to stop being “irritated with her nosy neighbors,” who allegedly spied on her while she was working.

“I paint garden art out in my garage, I’ll make hundreds of statues. It’s my hobby. I’d be out in my garden working on art projects and I would see blinds moving in windows. There would be pictures being taken,” Zuniga said.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Not only did her neighbors snap intrusive photos but they also told Zuniga to paint with her door closed, a request that would leave her unable to breathe. That’s when she thought of this creative way to deter prying eyes.

“The first one I did, I set up a mannequin out on the porch wearing a sweater. The neighbours were so intrigued. I heard noise outside and looked out my window. Sure enough, they were all out there staring,” she said.

The 45-year-old’s makeshift security system has “worked for the most part” since her neighbors have stopped snooping about. Despite her neighbors now avoiding her, she doesn’t plan on stopping these antics anytime soon.

Zuniga’s masterpieces have been blowing up across social media. “I shared it to a group on Facebook and I wasn’t even sure if it’d get approved, because it can come across as being potentially offensive. I don’t find it offensive, I find it comical. It’s just weird. It’s not like they’re in view of kids getting off at the bus stop,” Zuniga said.


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